Growing up, I had the chance to live outside the US, but partly because of that most traveling I’ve done has just been back to the states to see family. Consequently, I still have a lot of international travel I want to get to. Here are a few of the places I have in mind. If any one has any thoughts on these or other recommendations–would love to hear it.


Would love to be there for the Australian Open sometime, but definitely want to see Sydney and Melbourne, while also getting some kind of taste for the Outback.


Ari’s already been here so I’d love to have her go with me and show me around some of the great views and cool sites.


I want to show Ari where I lived for 8 years. Plus, Ethiopia has a several sites to see of real historical significance highlighted by the rock-hewn churches at Lalibelea


This would be my top choice for somewhere to go and just totally relax in tropical paradise


I want to visit and see this country as it is becoming such a major influencer in today’s world.


Similar to China, I want to visit this growing nation as well as see the major sites, such as the Taj Mahal and the Ganges River