I was so excited when I received my AeroGarden for Christmas.  I’ve been obsessed with gardening for awhile now and have been looking for ways to grow my own food in the apartment I share with three other roommates. I want to keep track of my experience with this project and other ways I’ve really been trying to eat cleanly and locally. Growing my own food is a life goal of mine and learning slowly (and indoors) is one of my first steps to achieving that dream!

Day 1: The set-up

I opened the box to my Aerogarden and was pleasantly surprised that it came in two pieces and was one of the easiest things to set up in my life.  img_7240

I chose which seeds I wanted to use (the herbs that came with it in this case were a safe starter) and laid them in the holes with their plastic domes set on top of them. After filling the machine with water and plant food and plugging it in, my job was done.  This was so incredibly easy that I was a little nervous it wouldn’t work. img_7242


The basil I was growing said that it should sprout in 6-12 days so I’ve been checking in on its progress but today I also got another surprise:) My basil AND dill had started to sprout! You can’t see them super well in this picture but I promise they are there. img_7253

It was so exciting, I’m probably over excited about it, but I officially have some plants!  I’ve already been looking up how to dry herbs and what to do with them once I’ve begun to harvest.  It is very exciting and my only complaint with the Aerogarden is that it is a bit bright.  It sits in my room and as long as I time the lighting correctly it’s not a big problem and can even serve as a regular light in the room. Will update with more pictures once I can take the domes off!