Walking through my parent’s small town grocery store, a sign caught my eye.  It was a display for this thing called Lemon Wine made by SQZ Bevs, Inc. First of all, I love wine. My apartment right now is wine-themed and my roommates and I are all obsessed with every type of wine, especially the more inexpensive kind (mostly because we are broke college kids).  Second, I love locally sourced food and products, I think it is so important to shop small.  This wine was made within 15 minutes of where I bought it from and I had never heard of lemon wine before. Sounded like an adventure to me.  We got a variety pack (it said we could mix and match) so that we could try all four of their flavors; Original Lemon, Lemongrass, Key Lime, and Cranberry.

Slightly apprehensive, yet excited to try something new, we opened the jars they came in and passed around each flavor to decide which was our favorite and figure out what this new drink had in mind for us.

The Results:

Original – sweet yet tart : not as dry as your typical wine with this tartness, I like it. Mom’s favorite.

“Makes you wanna have more” – my lovely grandma

Cranberry – good, a little too tart for my mother’s taste.

Key lime – less tart same sweet, hits a little harder than the original as far as a taste of alcohol.

Lemongrass – all the sweetness without it being overpowering, not as tart as original, very refreshing.  Grandma and I can’t decide between this one and the Original as our favorite.

We think this may be a cute and delicious addition to our wedding refreshment line-up. Definitely going to ask about some smaller containers (as these jars are 375 ml, big for a party beverage), but the nice part is this wine is 9% Alcohol Content.  Since that’s pretty much on the lower side, we can hope that our guests won’t get wasted early on.