Josh and I love to go to movies together.  It’s really great going with him because afterwards we always have pretty deep conversations about what we liked and disliked about the movie, plot line and the greater picture it created. Two of the movies we’ve seen recently are Passengers and La La Land. 


Going into Passengers, Josh warned me not to be too excited. His forever friend and movie spoiler, Rotten Tomatoes, had given the movie a 30% and some reviews made the movie seem a bit on the creepy side (See Guardian Review Here). In trying not to ruin too much, I’m going to vaguely give my opinion on the “creepiness” of the movie.  I think that in part, the movie probably should have focused more on the moral dilemma it created than the space catastrophe. I also think that in that situation, it would be hard not to make the choice Jim (Pratt) made.  When Aurora (J-Law) listens to her friend’s video to her, it moves the movie into a less creepy light. Maybe this was actually the only way that she could let herself find this happiness, either way it was a choice she made.  I think there is a warranted controversy around the movie but I also think people are way too sensitive and see ill-intentions where there is a more complicated emotional battle taking place. Please don’t get me started about how not creepy the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is in relation to people’s sick minds. Either way, I dub this one as a watch but maybe wait till it comes out in digital form…

La La Land

The old-timey “The End” appeared on the screen and the women behind us turned to her friends and said the exact opposite of what I was thinking, “well, that was a terrible movie.” La La Land is not your modern day blockbuster film, it is no space adventure and Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen. It was made to comment on art and be an incredible piece of art itself. A jazz pianist and actress wanna-be share their dreams with each other in the heart of LA. Without giving anymore of the plot away, this movie follows no rules and can make you think about what it means to have dreams.  It’s a musical, which I think a lot of people were not prepared for, but in a way it works with the plot and sometimes the music speaks more to the moment than dialogue alone could accomplish.  I would not be surprised if this movie won some awards. I’d definitely give this a watch for the open-minded and suggest watching it on the big screen like it was intended:)

La La Land Movie Trailer