1. Supernatural : This show has accumulated a cult following throughout its almost 12 seasons.  I am in love with the characters and the plot keeps you guessing, beware starting this series if you don’t have a lot of binge-watching time.supernatural2.png
  2. Black Mirror : I started watching this show a couple years ago but with the new season it has gotten well-deserved hype.
  3. Stranger Things : Renewed for another season, this phenomenon harkens back to the Twilight zone and adds some alien flare.  It’s weird but oddly enthralling.
  4. Lie to Me : A deception researcher uses his science to determine if suspects are lying and helps to uncover the truth.  A Mentalist-like show with characters, I would say, are more charming.lie-to-me
  5. The Following : This show is a bit heavy.  It is about a FBI agent’s search for a notorious cult leader who is bent on inspiring murder.  Definitely a lot of twists and turns but beware there’s also a bit of gore.
  6. Helix : This show only lasted two seasons but is a definite watch for any science fiction lover.  The CDC is sent to a facility to determine what caused an outbreak of an unknown disease and a world-wide conspiracy is unearthed.
  7. Limitless : Based off of the movie Limitless, this crime show is about a man who takes a drug that increases his brain power. Plus he’s pretty cutelimitless
  8. Bones : Follows the typical crime-show equation but has some lovable characters and isn’t afraid to make you guess who will live.
  9. Quantico : A newer show with only one season, but seemed very promising. A show with characters you aren’t sure you can trust and they definitely don’t trust each other.quantico
  10. Person of Interest : Big brother is always watching. This machine can help predict who will be the victim or criminal in a crime, information they use to prevent it from happening.