Like many others, my fiancé Josh and I are not incredibly pleased with how our bodies have changed since high school.  We both played team sports and were left trying to figure out how to stay fit without someone yelling or threatening us or the drive and support of a team.  We go to a pretty active college and have tried to stay on top of our weight and tone but have hit a few road blocks along the way. First off, I like to run like I like tuna. Pretty much not at all, in any form. Some times I choke it down but for the most part I’d rather avoid it. Our most recent hiccup is that Josh, the person who makes me choke down tuna, tore his ACL and is about to get surgery- no more tuna for him for awhile.

Basically all this is to say that we are on a mission to lose 15-35 pounds each by year end (and preferably before our wedding in July).  I’ve always been told that if you tell others your goal it’s a lot easier to push yourself to keep at it, so here starts that sharing!

  1. Tuna: I will probably have to deal with more tuna, and attempt to motivate myself even while my tuna partner is out of commission. My hope is that I can try to work in more resistance and strength training to help tone and lose fat and I won’t have to deal with tuna as often.
  2. Eating things other than actual tuna: my parents tried out a mostly paleo diet this last year and, paired with exercise, it gave them amazing results. This will be a little difficult on a college schedule so we aren’t going to be incredibly strict but will update with some good recipes we’ve tried:)
  3. Consumption: this word always reminds me of some old time disease but in this case it’s probably the easiest to work on. We know that what you eat isn’t the only important thing in changing a lifestyle. It’s also how much and when you eat.  Eating less, more often has been proved to help the metabolism so we are going to attempt! With class and clubs and work this could get a little hairy but we’ll let you know if we come up with any tricks.

Wish us luck and we wish you luck with any of your goals. I’m not a fan of the term “New Year’s resolution” it makes it seem like you can’t make a change at any time and that you have to wait for the new year.  Goals are constant and day to day and I’m excited to go on a journey to try to achieve mine. Let’s inspire and encourage each other:)