Navigating a Life

Where I want to travel–International Edition

Growing up, I had the chance to live outside the US, but partly because of that most traveling I've done has just been back to the states to see family. Consequently, I still have a lot of international travel I... Continue Reading →


A Feat for Indoor Gardening!

I was so excited when I received my AeroGarden for Christmas.  I’ve been obsessed with gardening for awhile now and have been looking for ways to grow my own food in the apartment I share with three other roommates. I... Continue Reading →

We Tried Lemon Wine – and It Was Fantastic!

Walking through my parent’s small town grocery store, a sign caught my eye.  It was a display for this thing called Lemon Wine made by SQZ Bevs, Inc. First of all, I love wine. My apartment right now is wine-themed and... Continue Reading →

10 Board Game Recommendations

I spent the holidays adding to my budding board game cabinet and want to talk a bit about the ones I enjoy the most.

Current Movie Controversies – La La Land and Passengers

Thoughts and review on La La Land and Passengers without any spoilers!

Top Ten Science-Fiction/Crime Series on Netflix

I watch Netflix too much... here's some binges that will scare, entertain, and sometimes make you question reality.

Stepping Towards Less: A Goal to Lighter and Stronger

Plans for fixing the flabs while avoiding tuna in every way.

My 2017 Book List

From horror to business inspiration, this 2017 book list has enough variety to last the year:)

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